This year’s conference endeavors to highlight, validate, and confirm the authenticity of each participant’s inherent and unique talent, ability, and gift. People are at their best when they are themselves, when they are comfortable with how they were uniquely created. The theme of this year’s conference is, “Learning to Bring Who You Are to What You Do”. Regardless of where each individual currently finds themselves they possess value and have something to contribute to their families, community, and the world at large. Attendees will learn their value, strengths, vision, purpose, their support system, and their unique development process


Why attend the Uniquely You Leadership Conference 2019?

At this conference you will learn you are enough, really enough. You will discover how unique and prepared you are to lead. You will discover how to Bring Who Are to What You Do-

·         Discover your Value

·         Discover your Strengths

·         Discover your Vision

·         Discover your Why (Purpose)

·         Discover your Tribe (Relationships)

·         Discover and Embrace your Process