Johnetta Thurston

 Johnetta is the Founder, Principal Consultant, and Host of the Uniquely-You Leadership Conference 2019. She brings over 25 years of human resources, training, project management, and leadership development experience. Her academic achievement coupled with her professional and relationship-building capabilities has afforded her a unique view of individuals and business. Johnetta’s conversional manner, transparency, and her willingness to be “real” provides a safe place for others to learn and embrace who they are inside with no judgement, no guilt.Johnetta believes true success is achieved when those around you achieve success as well. Her desire to share and elevate others resulted in gathering successful leaders from across the U.S., all in one place at the Uniquely-You Leadership Conference 2019. You have what it takes to lead authentically… so come and learn how to Bring Who You Are to What You Do

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Kwesi Williams


Kwesi William is an accomplished pastor, leader, coach, and public speaker. His 30+ years of relationship and leadership development capabilities are incomparable. His personal leadership journey is not only intriguing, but inspires all those fortunate enough to hear his story.  Come hear how he learned that value is not what you gain, but what you give

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Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore is an author and a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and trainer. Ellen speaks from her heart and her words inspires and transforms the lives of those who hear her life story. She will share a formula to discovering “your why”, your personal mission and purpose.


Edward Harris

Ed Harris is a “people success” and leadership development pastor, mentor, and coach. His 25+ years of working in human resources, along with his knowledge of leadership theories and practical strategies catapults individuals to their highest level of achievement. You will learn from Ed how to identify your secret weapons that are your personal strengths and how to use each of your inherent assets to succeed.


Tawanda Prince

Tawanda Prince, “The Good Life Coach”, is preeminent as a published author, speaker, teacher, mentor, and life coach. As a visionary, she is on a mission to empower others to “catch the vision” and move beyond their comfort zone to the possibility zone of the good life. Come learn how you too can know your vision.


Kisha Webster

Kisha Webster is a devout mother, ministry leader, and business woman. Since completing her college endeavors she has concentrated her efforts in mentoring a group of women business leaders and entrepreneurs while simultaneously managing the day-to-day operations of her nonprofit that assist the homeless and underserved. Come listen and learn as Kisha imparts the power and value of relationships and relationship. 


Adriene Wright

Dr. Adriene Belita Wright is a published author, entrepreneur, and speaker. She is a certified Professional Life Coach and enjoys helping others move from places of mediocrity to strong positions of achieving their God-given purpose. She is passionate about knowing and pursuing her life’s purpose. She skillfully exercises both her vocational and missional callings and is affectionately known as “Sunshine” because of her warm and engaging disposition and diplomatic approaches. Adriene will help attendees learn to embrace the “process” as they grow from good to great.