JDA Management and Consulting Group, LLC (JDA)  is dedicated and committed to helping you, your team, and organization become your personal best while achieving shared goals and objectives. We believe that people can build upon their strengths while simultaneously improve their constraints.  Our team helps identify and understand what holds you back from goal attainment, walk with you through making changes, and celebrate with you when your dreams of achievement are realized.

JDA Team Members have a proven track record of successfully assisting our clients from a myriad of coaching options –

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching                      

  • Life Coaching

  • Team and Group Coaching                                         

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Marriage Coaching                                                    

  • Career Coaching


Team Member Coaching Certifications include:

Strength Finders                                 International Coach Federation

John Maxwell                                      iPEC

 Coaching includes:

Coaching Assessments, Accountability, and Support


Months 3-6, 3-9, or 3-12


Please contact JDA to determine your customize coaching plan and costs.